Anxiety and stress can strike at any time. Anxiety disorders affect over 40 million adults in the United States. And while the disorder is treatable, few who are affected get treatment.

If you don’t get treatment for your stress and ignore the symptoms, it can get out of hand rather quickly. Not only will stress and anxiety affect you physically, but it will also affect you mentally as well. If you want to avoid stress taking over your life, take control of your feelings and get back on track, there are ways in which you can help yourself.

Vision Imaging of Kingston, your diagnostic imaging center, offers ways to fight stress and anxiety.

Relaxation Techniques

Inhaling and exhaling slowly can help you manage your symptoms of stress. The extra oxygen slows your heartbeat and helps clear your mind. When you give yourself the time to sort your thoughts, you can calm down and feel better.

Learn Your Triggers

You might notice that in certain situations, you start getting sweaty palms and show other signs of anxiety and stress. It could be work-related or it could happen at home. It might even happen when certain people start talking with you.

It will benefit you to identify these triggers and do your best to avoid them. While that might be impossible, at least you can minimize the incidents. When you do suffer anxiety or stress, write down how you feel in a journal and what happened, this could lead to pinpointing the cause.

Down With the Negative and Focus on the Positive

It is not always very easy to forget about the negative and focus on the positive, but it is something you should work towards. Keep in mind that often it is all about perspective. An incident can be seen in many ways.

Before reacting to a situation, stop and consider if it is as bad as you initially think. If it is bad, think about a silver lining in any given situation.

Set Goals

One cause of stress is trying to fit everything in all in one day. You are doing too much all at once. It is fine if you can’t accomplish everything every day.

Be realistic about the number of things you can take on each day and set some reasonable goals for yourself. And don’t be disappointed if things don’t always go the way you planned. You need to realize that these things happen.

Watch Your Food Intake

When people get stressed out, they often turn to fast food and other unhealthy food choices. Fight this urge to eat greasy burgers and fries because the results will leave you feeling even worse.

In addition to gaining weight and negatively affecting your health, bad eating habits will leave you feeling sluggish and probably depressed. You should be eating healthy foods that improve your brain health and mental well-being. Eat some broccoli or fish instead.


Exercise is one of the best ways to battle stress. Being physically active will help alleviate the symptoms of stress and anxiety as endorphins are released when you exercise. In addition, exercise can improve your self-esteem.

You don’t have to go to the gym and lift weights to feel better, a walk in the park will do wonders for your stress.


When you are having a battle with anxiety and stress, it will wear you out physically and mentally. It is important that you get enough sleep so that you can improve your mood and help you think more clearly. If you are well-rested, it is easier for you to take on the day.

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