Being physically active is very important at any age. Physical activity keeps you emotionally sound, mentally alert and physically healthy. Regular exercise is directly linked to a reduction in chronic illness and a fuller life as we age.

But for some individuals, physical activity can present a challenge. You might have physical limitations that may prevent you from engaging in high-impact activities and sports. In addition, the summer heat presents a higher risk of dehydration and heat stroke, especially in seniors.

Low-impact activities and exercise can help minimize the problems associated with high-impact activities and sports. The best part about low-impact exercise is that it holds the same health benefits.

Vision Imaging, your medical imaging service in Kingston, offers low-impact activities and exercises to help keep you fit this summer.


Pilates is an excellent option for seniors or those with physical restrictions who are searching for a low-impact way to improve their posture, flexibility and muscle tone. Pilates is known to help people improve their balance, improve their mood and relieve tension.

The movements of Pilates are controlled and slowed, so they give you better body control and coordination. It is a great tool for people who can’t do high-impact workouts.


Rowing was one of the first Olympic sports, so it has been around for a very long time. Rowing is one of the few low-impact sports that work all of the major muscle groups in the body. It allows you to strengthen your legs, arms and back. Because of this, rowing burns more calories than running or cycling for the same amount of time.

While rowing machines are great, you should really head out on the water to row if at all possible. Lightweight kayaks enable you to explore lakes all while getting some great exercise. Nothing beats enjoying the beauty of nature while engaging in a healthy activity.


Cycling is yet another wonderful low-impact exercise you can engage in. It doesn’t matter if you hit the road on your expensive road bike or hit the stationary bike at home or at the gym, they all give you a good workout.

Cycling gives you a gentle or difficult workout without putting a whole lot of stress on your body. Another benefit of cycling is that it allows you to cover a lot more ground than when you walk and you don’t have to worry about damaging ligaments or cartilage.

There is also the social aspect of biking to consider. You can join up with family or friends and enjoy a nice bike ride.

You can take a slow, scenic ride on a cruiser bike or pedal your way through a marathon race on your speed bike.


Dancing is a wonderful exercise that is also a lot of fun. The best part about dancing is you get to choose how you want to dance and the music you want to dance to. Dancing is a great exercise because it gets your whole body moving.

Dancing is also a social event and a great way to spend some time with friends.


You might not consider gardening a form of exercise, but it is. If you have never gardened before, then you don’t know how much effort you need to put forth. There are moving plants around, pulling weeds and digging holes in the dirt, all of which are low-impact exercises.

In addition to being a great way to get exercise, gardening has a calming effect and there are rewards to be reaped in the fall.


Pickleball is a lot like tennis, except it is a low-impact sport. You will have hours of fun volleying the ball back and forth with your friends without the stress on your joints. Pickleball is also a group activity so you can socialize while getting your exercise.

You probably live in a community that offers a summer pickleball league, you should check it out.


Swimming is the best low-impact sport for maintaining overall physical health and it can be done by almost anybody at any age. Swimming is a cardio activity, but it also strengthens your muscles without affecting your joints.

You can swim at your local pool or you can swim in a lake or the ocean. Swimming is also a great way to cool off on a hot summer day. Go swimming just twice a week and in no time you will feel a big difference.


Walking is another low-impact activity that allows you to socialize as well. The great thing about walking is that you don’t need any equipment to do it and you can walk around your block or go to a trail. You can even head to the mall if the weather is bad and get your walk on.

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