When you get sick, hurt or injured, you make an appointment with a doctor to discover exactly what is wrong with you and ways in which it can be treated. And while your doctor may discover what is wrong with you after an examination and several questions, they often need a closer look at what is causing you problems.

Your doctor has many ways in which to figure out what is wrong with you. These include such things as x-rays, bloodwork and MRIs. Some of the tools your doctor utilizes use pictures of the inside of your body. A CT scan is one of the best ways to see what is wrong with you.

Many of you have heard of or even had a CT scan, but not everyone knows why you might have to get one. Vision Imaging, your medical imaging service in Kingston, offers the reasons you might need a CT scan.

Take a Closer Look at an Injury

In emergency situations, doctors are better able to determine injuries quickly when using CT scans. CT scans help doctors find internal injuries, like internal bleeding for example, and find these things out quickly as the patient's life might be in danger.

This is why when somebody has been involved in a car accident, for example, they are rushed to the hospital for a CT scan.

Brain Scan

There are any numbers of reasons why a doctor would want a closer look at what is inside your head. CT scans help doctors by providing them with very detailed images of your brain. So whether you were hit in the head or are suffering from a disease in the brain, CT scans are used to help diagnose and treat brain injuries.  

Skeletal Diseases

In addition to providing your doctor with great images of your brain, CT scans also help with the diagnosis and treatment of skeletal diseases. CT scans are especially useful in diagnosing osteoporosis and similar conditions.

Cancer Treatment

Since CT scans provide such a detailed image, doctors use them to plan and administer treatments for cancerous tumors. CT scans also help doctors monitor the patient’s response to chemotherapy and to help measure the possible growth of cancer.

Soft Tissue Damage

While an x-ray will provide a wonderful image of your bones, a CT scan will provide clear images of the soft tissue around skeletal structures. So if you are suffering soft tissue damage to a bone, your doctor can make an accurate diagnosis with a CT scan and provide a better recovery plan.

Hands and Feet

CT scans image bones in a very clear manner, so they are perfect for examining patients with bone injuries in the hands or feet. These areas have very small bone components and diagnostics and treatment are easier using CT scans.

There are plenty of reasons why your doctor might order a CT scan. The bottom line is that they make the diagnosis and treatment for many injuries and diseases quicker, easier and more accurately. Contact Vision Imaging for more information about CT scans.