An ultrasound is a machine that uses high-frequency sound waves to capture images of the body. Doctors like to use ultrasound because it is safe and effective and it doesn’t involve x-rays. It can also create many different types of images.

If you are a patient, you love ultrasound because it requires no special preparation and it is pain-free. Vision Imaging, your diagnostic imaging center in Kingston, offers these reasons why doctors use ultrasound.

For Your Heart

If you have symptoms of heart disease, your doctor might order an ultrasound. More specifically, your doctor might order an ultrasound exam called an echocardiogram.

An echocardiogram is a painless procedure that gives information to your doctor about the size of your heart and if there are any issues with heart valves. It can also indicate how well your heart is pumping blood.

For Biopsies

If your doctor must do a biopsy, they may rely on an ultrasound. You see, the ultrasound acts as a guide and tells your doctor exactly where to take the sample.

A biopsy is one way in which doctors diagnose cancer.

For Kids

There is no harmful radiation when using ultrasound. It is also a painless procedure. This means that using ultrasound on a child is an excellent option.

If there is a child complaining about stomach pains, an ultrasound may help the doctor determine what is causing it. An ultrasound is also used on children to evaluate an injury and for the diagnosis of appendicitis.

For Stomach Issues

If you are suffering from stomach pain, swelling or bloating, your doctor might order an ultrasound to discover the problem. The images provided by the ultrasound lets your doctor see your pancreas, gallbladder, liver and spleen. It also lets your doctor see the blood vessels in your abdomen.

For Blood Vessels

Doppler ultrasound is a type of ultrasound that uses sound waves to produce images of blood passing through your arteries and veins. This type of ultrasound might be used to see if you have a blood clot or other type of blockage in your circulatory system.

This type of ultrasound may also be used after you have had surgery on a blood vessel to ensure it is functioning well and blood flow is back to normal.

Knee Joints

Ultrasound can be used on your knee joints to detect fluid, see cysts and check for injuries.


Ultrasound can be used to detect problems with your thyroid in your neck. It can detect growth, nodules and tumors.


Ultrasound is widely used to track the progression of a pregnancy. It is used to ensure that the baby is doing well and to catch any problems before they become worse. Ultrasound shows the size of the baby, what the baby looks like and how well their organs are functioning.

Should complications arise during pregnancy, ultrasound will be used to determine the problem.

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