While most people have had an x-ray at one point or another throughout their life, they may not know much about them. No, it isn’t imperative that you know the history behind x-rays in order to have one completed, but there is some pretty interesting information out there that surrounds the x-ray process. Continue reading below to learn more about one of the most popular and widely-used diagnostic imaging methods.

X-Rays Have Been Around Longer Than You Think

German physicist, Willhelm Roentgen discovered and developed x-rays in 1895. It only took a couple of weeks for surgeons and physicians in Germany to begin using this technology after it was announced. A year later, x-rays were being used as far away as the United States.

X-Rays Taught Us More About DNA

Due to a certain form of x-rays being used, scientists in the 1950s were able to finally see the double-helix structure contained in DNA. This was a huge step for the medical and scientific communities.

X-Rays Are Used For More Than Diagnostic Imaging

While you may only think that x-rays are used in medical settings, they are actually also extremely useful in the art world. By using an x-ray to see beneath the outermost layer of a painting, we are able to see the sketches beneath the final product that helped to create the overall work.

Medical Treatments Have Been Influenced By X-Rays

Once x-rays became available to medical experts, they revolutionized the way tuberculosis was treated in those who were diagnosed with it. Chest x-rays gave physicians the ability to see the shadows in the lungs early, which made tuberculosis much easier to diagnose, which in turn saved many lives.

They Were Named With Real Intent

The “x” in x-ray simple stands for the unknown, as it would in a math equation. Modern day doctors and scientists know much more about x-rays than those who came before them, making them much less mysterious in modern medicine than they once were.

The First X-Ray Didn’t Get Rave Reviews

Roentgen actually completely the first x-ray on his wife's left hand. When the image was developed and she saw it, she was shaken, claiming that she had seen her own death.

There Was A Novelty Period

Before people were aware of the dangers of being exposed to x-rays, they were actually offered those customers at both circuses and carnivals. Similar to modern day photo booths, people would pay money to see what was happening inside of their bodies.

They Were Not Patented

Roentgen was a very smart man, which is why he chose to not have x-rays patented. Had he done so, the use of x-rays would have been extremely limited. He knew that x-rays could do far more good should he allow them to be used by medical professionals everywhere, rather than just those who had the money to pay just to use the technology.

They Are The Oldest And Most Useful Form Of Medical Technology

Due to the fact that x-rays have been used for such a long period of time, they could be considered to be the most useful medical advancement. Even after over 100 years, x-ray technology is still relevant today.